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A family-owned and run company, 2 Leos Food Inc. formed over 10 years ago in the Mississauga, Ontario, Canada by Muru Rajah. With over 30 years of personal experience in food manufacturing and distribution, he has a distinct passion for the industry. With years of experience working in the Italian food industry in Canada, it was natural to take the steps to manufacture his own products. He made it a mission to stay true to using Italian preservation methods, all the while maintaining the high-Canadian food safety standards that we have today. Each product has been personally fine-tuned and chosen by him. 


His passion for delicious food was passed on to his diverse family, where now his daughter, Aarthy Aguanno (president) has been given the opportunity of managing the business. The combination of over a decade of food industry experience, along with education and an instinct for working with and for communities, she has found a calling in 2 Leos Food Inc. Along with his daughter, we proudly have other family members that help run the business.

Growing up with importance placed on using real ingredients has greatly influenced our company. It is as important that our family make products with basic, real ingredients that all of our consumers understand and are excited to eat. 

Antica Roma™  (founded in the 1990s) is our retail brand, and MARSA™  (founded in 2010) is our wholesale brand. Each brand has earned its reputation from our taste profile and style of products, as well as food safety and service standards due to the diligence  and hard work of our team. We are proud of each and every person that makes 2 Leos Food Inc. what it is today.

We proudly manufacture all of our products at our federally-registered facility. We do not import any finished product, and manufacture all of it right here! That's right, that means we cook our seafood, stuff and grill our vegetables, and make all of our pestos in our facility. From food safety to our staff, we believe that our business is only successful if we put the same amount of care and passion into all facets of our business.

As our consumers expand and their needs change, we hope to always serve them well. 

We hope to grow together with you!

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